gjirafatech offers solutions for digital media publishers, media companies and online content creators.

Move beyond digitalization

Let your journalists return their focus on what they love most - journalism. Get to know our broad ecosystem of tools and services.

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gjirafatech suite makes up multiple software solutions for digital content houses acting like an ecosystem or individually

Encompassing nine products which offer audience insight, content management, data delivery, and allow captivating storytelling. Our products can be used as stand-alone solutions or in combination with each other. Our affordable solutions exceed industry standards and compete with industry leaders on the highest level. We furthermore pride ourselves on being obsessed with our customers. Do you need any extra features? The gjirafatech team is here for you!

VP Video Player and VP Apps offer live-streaming solutions, an affordable video player, and an cheap audio player. VP Video Player and VP Apps offer live-streaming solutions, an affordable video player, and an cheap audio player.

Product Spotlight

VP Player offers a feature-rich environment with easy-to-use customization for all our clients' needs. Furthermore, VP offers live streaming, VP Apps, and an Audio Player. VP Player allows fast, seamless, and great-quality video to showcase your content optimally.

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One partner for all your software needs

A suite of products that can be used as an ecosystem or individually.

Intuitive and budget-friendly

Affordable state-of-the-art solutions with top performance and a clear and practical user interface.

24/7 customer support by our in-house experts and top-notch SLAs

High customer satisfaction with unprecedented support at any time and quick implementation and handling of requests.

Boost traffic through rapid & intelligent content creation and management.

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Cutting-edge video ecosystem specialized in revenue management, that is affordable and customer-centric.

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Collect, organize, and analyze data from multiple sources and create customer profiles to inform marketing campaigns, personalize user experiences, and improve overall business operations.

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Manage users' identities, customize your login box branding for each application, and tailor security policies without the hassle of ‘writing too much code.’

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Elevate the monetization of your content with effortless subscription management and personalized offers.

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Maximize the value of data with AI Engines and a code-free environment for building, training, and deploying ML models.

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A configurable and secure marketplace solution that allows administrators to quickly launch an online classified website within days.

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A fully customizable DSP/SSP ad-management platform that provides inventory and advertising management solutions.

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Store, transcode, and deliver content faster with the most cost-effective self-service cloud platform.

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