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Our products

gjirafatech offers turnkey solutions to deliver dynamic audience experiences, measure impact, and monetize traffic. Our world-class technology supports the development of your business by harnessing insights from advanced analytics, automating processes, and streamlining operations.

Boost traffic through rapid & intelligent content creation and management.

Cutting-edge video ecosystem specialized in revenue management, that is affordable and customer-centric.

Collect, organize, and analyze data from multiple sources and create customer profiles to inform marketing campaigns, personalize user experiences, and improve overall business operations.

Manage users' identities, customize your login box branding for each application, and tailor security policies without the hassle of ‘writing too much code.’

Elevate the monetization of your content with effortless subscription management and personalized offers.

Maximize the value of data with AI Engines and a code-free environment for building, training, and deploying ML models.

A configurable and secure marketplace solution that allows administrators to quickly launch an online classified website within days.

A fully customizable DSP/SSP ad-management platform that provides inventory and advertising management solutions.

Store, transcode, and deliver content faster with the most cost-effective self-service cloud platform.